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We have been hosting painting parties for brides to be, new babies, birthdays and other occasions.   We’re always amazed when a reluctant painter picks up a brush for the first time in years and under the gentle guidance of our supportive instructors creates a masterpiece!  Aren’t you tired of those awful games you are forced to play at showers?  Who wants to use their brain to unscramble letters that spell vomit or create a toilet paper wedding dress, REALLY?  You bring treats and libations and we guarantee a unique party experience for you and your guests.  We just had a baby shower for 20 guests of all ages and it was a riot!  Fall and winter are approaching so we’ll have cider or hot chocolate for a date with friends or a special someone.  Need to get away for a few hours and enjoy some quiet time???  We have a canvas waiting for you to create that perfect one-of-a-kind painting for your home.  See you soon!! -Mary